The Public Service Network

The Public Service Network in Canada is an independent, non-profit organization that has a self-imposed mission of guaranteeing a universal level of excellence for all public services. This institution organizes periodic meetings with governmental agencies and other affiliates of the public services to ensure that the public needs are well met and respected. The organization also initiates and supports several programs that are meant to improve the services offered to the community.

How CPSEN started

The Public Service Network

The Canadian Public Sector Excellence Network (CPSEN) has originated in the early 1980s as a program of the Treasury Board-sponsored Interdepartmental Quality Network (IQN), which was responsible for quality control in the public sector. The occasional meetings of this division continued for over a decade until organizational changes prevented it from fully following its duties.

In 1996 CPSEN was officially formed, and its attributions were thoroughly instated. However, the biggest problem was that there was no one willing to fund its activity, and its future looked bleak. The public service employees did not let this fact trouble their business and have managed to obtain satisfactory results with their quality control programs. Their determination has not gone unnoticed, and the organization has managed to attract various sponsors over the years.

Any Canadian resident can help the CPSEN with volunteer work. You can join the increasing ranks of supporters by contacting them directly over the phone or by email.

The organization also hosts annual conferences and symposiums that are meant to bring together members of the public sector with representatives of the governmental agencies. These events are open to the public, and you can attend them as an enthusiastic volunteer. Take this chance to help your community and become a collaborator of the Canadian Public Sector Excellence Network.