Welcome to Public Service Pride Network

Our vision is to draw on our common experiences as GLBTT community members and our values and ethics as public servants in order to enrich and strengthen our personal and professional lives and connections. Our mandate is to provide GLBTT federal public servants with opportunities to:

  • develop professional communication networks;
  • meet for social events;
  • provide support to colleagues in the workplace;
  • share information about our experiences;
  • raise awareness regarding GLBTT issues; and
  • promote Diversity in the Public Service.

The Public Service Pride Network has no official links to the Government of Canada nor the Public Service Commission of Canada. Similarly, the material and the links on this website do not necessarily reflect the views of the Government of Canada.

However, we are in touch with the concerns of GLBTT civil servants. While many enjoy excellent work conditions, others raise issues of workplace harasssment, feelings of invisibility and isolation.

Although the Public Service Pride Network does not intervene in specific workplace issues, our goal is to create an atmosphere of support and cooperation within the federal government and to provide our members with resources and opportunities to build and extend networks and development opportunities.

For information on the challenges facing GLBTT employees and the support available to them, you can download “Out and About”, produced by the Department of Canadian Heritage in collaboration with Parks Canada.

The document is a must-read for all GLBT federal employees and their employers. Their approach is a model that all departments can and should work towards.

Please note that a number of individual departments and agencies have their own independent internal GLBT employee networks, variously recognized and structured, which can also serve as examples of promoting diversity in the workplace. Please contact us for referral to individual departmental/agency groups.

We hold a social networking event the last Friday of each month at various venues in Ottawa and Hull (Gatineau), and a Women’s Social the third Thursday of each month. Please see our Calendar of Events for details.